What is Aviation Management? – Complete Guide on Courses, Career, Prospects and Salary

Are you an aspiring student willing to make a career in the aviation field? The expanding horizons of aviation management in India and across nations have made it a lucrative career option for everyone. So, let’s explore how to proceed with the courses, minimum eligibility, job options, skills required, and salary prospects available here. If

How to Get Admission to the Hotel Management Institute?

Are you aspiring to build your career in hotel management? It is amongst the most progressive and lucrative streams to seek higher education and proficiency in the relevant industry. The below content covers the complete know-how and admission process to seek a degree from a leading hotel management institute in Vadodara. Keep reading to learn

What is the Difference Between Aviation Management and Airport Management? – Aviation Management Course Details!

Are you planning to seek Aviation and Airport management courses? Before that, it is important to fetch complete details on Aviation Management and how it’s different from Airport management. We will also offer detailed insight into both the courses, job prospects and career opportunities available in this field. What Does Aviation Management Mean? Refers to

Hotel Management: International Job Opportunist’s For Indian Professional

Hospitality industry around the world has consistently been growing at a considerable rate compared to the other industries. Along with that the career opportunities in the Hotel industry has also boomed. Hotel management is a knowledge based and skill-oriented field. A career in this industry is exciting and lucrative. So, the Students aspiring to build

Complete Guide on Aviation Management- Courses, Career Options, and Prospects in Detail!

Aviation management is a vast field with multiple prospects for interested students! Before getting into details of what is aviation management, its courses, and other details, it’s important to know its background. Aviation management is about studying distinct airlines, airports, and various services or businesses catering to the aerospace industry. Students commencing the aviation management

Hotel Management Courses Guide – Types of Courses, Career Prospects and Other Details!

Are you aspiring to grow your career and explore new avenues worldwide? The world is growing, and the eminence of the hospitality industry in various parts of the globe is at an all-time rise. It is the best time to explore your talent and get a diploma in hotel management from a reputed institute and

Can We Do Hotel Management After Btech?

Hotel management is a field that requires a great deal of education and training. However, many people wonder if it is possible to pursue hotel management after completing a Btech degree. The answer is yes, but finding a position without prior experience in the field may be challenging. In this blog post, we'll discuss the

How to Prepare for Hotel Management Entrance Examination? – Tips & Tricks

Is hotel management your dream job? Managing a hotel is not easy. It comes with a range of responsibilities. You are expected to face new challenges, help out in various departments, and maintain the hotel’s standards. How to Prepare for Hotel Management Entrance Examination? Have you already started preparing for its entrance examination? It doesn’t

Importance Of Housekeeping Department – Know About Housekeeping In Hotel Industry

Housekeeping is an often heard word related to the hotel industry. But what exactly are their roles and responsibilities? In this guide, we have put down the Importance of the Housekeeping Department In the Hotel Industry. Here, you will get an essence of what it is like to get a job in the hotel management

How to Become Air Hostess After 12 th and 10th ?- Know Process of Graduation Course

Completed your 10th and 12th and wondering about joining the course of Air hostess in India? How to Become Air Hostess After 12th and 10th? Though this career option of the air hostess field is dominated by the female gender, there are boys too who opt for this course. KIAHM, Vadodara provides you with various