Importance Of Housekeeping Department – Know About Housekeeping In Hotel Industry

Housekeeping is an often heard word related to the hotel industry. But what exactly are their roles and responsibilities? In this guide, we have put down the Importance of the Housekeeping Department In the Hotel Industry. Here, you will get an essence of what it is like to get a job in the hotel management industry, plus whether you should opt for it or not! If you are an ambitious student looking for courses in hotel management and the aviation industry, then KIAHM is the right step for you.

What is Housekeeping?

Breaking down the word housekeeping, we get two words: House and Keeping, which means someone who looks after the house or everything that goes around in the place. Whenever we visit a hotel or a resort during our staycations, we are assisted by certain people such as a receptionist at the hotel’s front desk, a host, a manager of the hotel or the resort, some waiters, cleaners and other such housekeeping staff. All these people are the main pillars of the hotel industry.  

The housekeeping department in the hotel industry is an integral part of the industry. They manage, supervise and take care of stuff for the guests, tourists and visitors in the hotel. Housekeeping staff is further divided based on their roles and responsibilities. These are the basic staff members in a housekeeping staff: 

  • Executive Housekeeper / Director of Housekeeping.
  • Deputy Housekeeper.
  • Assistant Housekeeper.
  • Floor Supervisors /Floor Housekeepers.
  • Public Area Supervisor.
  • Night Supervisor.
  • Evening Shift Supervisor.
  • Storekeeper.

But what is the Importance of Housekeeping  Department

1. Maintaining cleanliness all along. Hotel-cleaning

Hotels and resorts see thousands of people coming and going. And in times of pandemic, keeping and maintaining cleanliness has become mandatory. The rooms in which the guests are staying need to be checked every interval and cleaned thoroughly. The housekeeping staff has to manage the cleanliness part.

2. Keeping sanity

The visitors and guests come around for vacations for the sole purpose of taking a break from their regular life. So you must render your guests with the best possible atmosphere keeping them happy and sane. The housekeeping staff ensures their comfort in and around the hotel.

3. Safety and securitysanity

It is the responsibility of the hotel management staff to keep their guests safe and sound until they stay in their hotel. The housekeeping staff should ensure excellent security for the guests’ safety, belongings and stuff in the room, etc.

The housekeeping also needs to ensure that good food is provided to the guests. Food safety is an essential aspect of the hotel industry; so regular pest control, using disinfectants and creating a hygienic atmosphere is a vital part.

4. Taking the feedbackFeedback

During the stay period of the guests, it is the major responsibility of the housekeeping to also keep a check on their feedback and review. Sometimes, some guests dislike certain behavior, so it becomes necessary to get their inputs, not just at their checkout but during their whole stay.

5. Organization, Coordination and implantation 

While the housekeeping staff is busy providing services and making the guests comfortable, it is mandatory to keep the workflow maintained. And the workflow can only be maintained if all of them are equally in Coordination with each other. Each department is given a manager or ahead to organize the workflow and maintain the Coordination and supervise the implementation of the work by the staff.

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