What is Aviation Management? – Complete Guide on Courses, Career, Prospects and Salary

Are you an aspiring student willing to make a career in the aviation field? The expanding horizons of aviation management in India and across nations have made it a lucrative career option for everyone. So, let’s explore how to proceed with the courses, minimum eligibility, job options, skills required, and salary prospects available here.

If you plan to apply for the aviation management courses in Vadodara, it is imperative to consider a few things. Aviation management is a broader field encompassing various airport operations and business aspects.

It is a lucrative profession that attracts many students pursuing their graduation degree to apply and make careers here. The aviation management courses in Vadodara are well-designed to frame your glorious career path. Sneak below for a detailed guide on it.

What is Meant by Aviation Management?

Aviation management is a broad field that revolves around the study courses required for handling the airport and airline departments. India holds the third position in the global aviation market and is only growing each day.

Several aspects of aviation service include fleet management, ticketing, ground handling, hospitality, international tourism boards, and in-flight services. Students can complete their bba in aviation management Vadodara from reputed institutes like The Kalkin to explore a glorious opportunity in this realm.

The aviation sector ropes in an array of opportunities and growth options within and outside India. It allows you to travel to different nations of the world, and you experience the highest level of satisfaction.

Is Aviation Management a Good Career?

Before learning more about a diploma in aviation management in Vadodara and its course structure, it is essential to understand the field as a career prospect. Aviation management is responsible for handling operations in airlines, airports, and various other businesses in this field.

It includes aircraft maintenance, flight logistics, marketing, and customer service. Developing a career in this field demands strong leadership and analytical skills. Here are the benefits one can derive as an aviation manager or perform other job roles in this field.

Advantages of Working in the Aviation Management Sector

Below are the significant advantages one can derive by working in the aviation field. They are as follows:

  • Career Development

    While starting work in the aviation field, you are bound to receive in-depth training and skill development, which will help you grow in your career. It enables you to learn about new technology and gain additional qualifications to boost career growth. This profession allows them to encounter various opportunities and attend conferences, workshops, and other events.

  • International Growth

    After completing aviation management courses in Vadodara, the aspirants can seek notable career growth on international platforms as well. This allows them to explore various global destinations and upgrade their skills in the relevant sector. They can work in managerial positions in multiple organizations and achieve fair growth in their appropriate position.

  • Develop Contact with New People and Explore Cultures

    Another significant benefit of completing aviation management is interacting with new people and looking at things differently. It allows you to meet different types of people, including clients, travelers, business partners, employees, and aviation managers. One can be exposed to work in distinct cultures and pep up for exciting situations.

  • Travel Benefits and Perks

    Aviation management jobs also provide you with a wide range of holiday and travel-related benefits. Many airlines give a substantial discount on flight tickets for aviation managers and a few free air trips. The range of benefits extends to the availability of train tickets; hotel stays, car rentals, and the chance to save money and travel in one go.

Can a Commerce Student Do Aviation Management? – Eligibility Criteria and Requirements

If you desire an excellent job in aviation management, the list of eligibility and requirements below can enable you to apply for different courses. Here’s all to know:

      1. Education

        Minimum eligibility criteria to pursue aviation management courses in Vadodara is 12th pass with no percentage limit. Students can head up with courses like a Bachelor of Science in Aviation Business Administration or complete a Bachelor in Aviation Management.An average student requires around 3-5 years to complete the course study in this field. During this tenure, they seek knowledge about business management, technology and various other factors related to the aviation sector. Common subjects included in the aviation management study are:

        • Financial Accounting
        • Business Statistics
        • Community Service
        • Business Law
        • Organizational Behavior
        • Cargo Handling
        • Business Economics
        • Airport Function of Airlines
        • Environmental Studies
        • Human Resource Management
        • Aviation Marketing
        • Customer Relationship Management
        • Report Writing and Research Methodology
    1. Eligibility Criteria Post UG and PG in Aviation Management

      Below are the eligibility criteria for Aviation Management students. Candidates can sneak through the eligibility criteria to appear in the entrance exams for the relevant fields.

        • Undergraduate Level

      Securing a UG degree like a BBA in aviation management is possible if you have met the following conditions:

        • Students must complete their 12th from a Nationally accepted ICSE/CBSE/State board.
        • Aspirants should score a minimum of 12th pass certificate with no percentage constraint marks for seeking admission.
        • The eligibility criteria for seeking admission to aviation management courses differ from institute to institute. It is better to visit their website to enquire about the eligibility criteria and the selection process.
        • Few universities allow enrolment to students based on their certification of 12th grade.
  • Postgraduate Level
    • Anyone scoring a passing marks in class 10th or 12th can apply for these courses.
    • Students scoring 50% marks with a Bachelor’s degree or equivalent CGPA are recommended.
    • A Graduate degree in commerce, economics, or maths is preferred here.
    • Aspirants with over 2 years of experience in the aviation sector are also eligible for an MBA in aviation management.

      The training and the degree are also crucial for availing aviation management jobs Vadodara. For instance, the aspirant learning about flight training must adhere to the flight safety rules and protocols.
      A few courses are also relevant to aviation system maintenance, which offer hands-on experience installing different devices and parts. It ensures an all-around education, making you successful with security, operations management, maintenance, and other aspects of aviation management.


      Once the students complete the course and get the aviation management degree, they can become certified AAE (Accredited Airport Executive). Getting the AAE certification is possible by enrolling on the accredited program and completing the tests, including research papers and the multiple-choice test paper.


      If you are willing to qualify for the aviation manager role, getting hands-on experience in flight safety, managing operations, security, accounting, and human resources is advisable. Performing in these departments can enable you to seek the financial, security or operation manager position at any airport.

Skills Required to Become a Successful Aviation Manager

A thorough and polished aviation professional needs to have a firm grasp of computers as well as communication skills. They can work with mentors or at workshops to hone mastery in various fields mentioned below.

  1. Communication: A compilation of exemplary verbal and written communication skills enables these managers to articulate ideas and instructions quickly. Aviation jobs demand proper communication with various departments, including the pilots, controllers and passengers.
  2. Customer Service: Several aviation careers are related to commercial flight, and ensuring excellent customer service is a priority here. It comprises resolving their concerns, solving queries, and providing unique services so passengers can enjoy their flights.
  3. Critical Thinking: It is a crucial skill to help aviation managers anticipate and understand the issues related to security, aircraft, and other aviation operations. This benefits them with decision-making and allows them to make the right choices.
  4. Leadership: Gaining an edge over leadership qualities helps, like integrity in addressing issues of the junior staff and holding skills to manage bigger responsibilities at all fronts.
  5. Stress Management: Employees and aviation management professionals must be able to tackle various responsibilities and adverse situations without losing their calm. They might understand flight safety, manage emergencies and protect passengers completely.
  6. Problem-Solving: It is also an essential skill in aviation management as it helps troubleshoot issues and provide solutions to problems.
  7. Teamwork: Flight safety and airline operations involve the management of aviation facilities, managers, and other staff to complete tasks timely. As an aviation manager, you need to collaborate with others and work in sync to accomplish organizational goals and objectives.

Jobs One Can Get with the Aviation Management Degree
Commercial flight and aerospace manufacturing are the popular industries to work in the aviation management field.
Here are the job prospects to explore after completing courses here:

  • Airline Manager
  • Air Traffic Controller
  • Airline Station Manager
  • Airport Planner
  • Systems Administrator
  • Airport Operations Manager
  • Business Manager
  • Airport Security Manager

Winding Up
So, if you are an aspiring student willing to complete courses in aviation management in Vadodara, THE KALKIN Institute is the leading institute to go for. It is a leading NSDC-approved institute with a tie-up with Glocal University and BSS.

For a glorious and successful career in the aviation industry, a renowned institute equipped with advanced teaching methodologies can become the stepping stone to success!

Contact THE KALKIN for all relevant inquiries and queries to seek admission to the fastest-growing institute in India. The aviation sector in India is growing significantly, and securing course certification in this industry can ensure better growth prospects and career opportunities!

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