How to Prepare for Hotel Management Entrance Examination? – Tips & Tricks

Is hotel management your dream job? Managing a hotel is not easy. It comes with a range of responsibilities. You are expected to face new challenges, help out in various departments, and maintain the hotel’s standards.

How to Prepare for Hotel Management Entrance Examination?

Have you already started preparing for its entrance examination? It doesn’t matter if you have or haven’t yet. Here is a blog that might be useful while or before you start prepping.

Please note that all these tips come straight from the faculty in KIAHM. Read all the steps below to

Tips to follow before you sit for your hotel management entrance examination.

Time TableTimetable-for-exam

Making a timetable before you start your preparations is more important than you think. A schedule helps you create and understand the flow of work you need to do behind the preparations. Make the timetable in such a manner that each subject gets an equal amount of hours and days. You can set a weekly test for yourself so that you can record your progress on a daily basis.

Gather all the study materials?

Now that you have made the timetable and know the flow, collect notes and reliable study materials from well-known sources. You can borrow someone’s old reference books, or from a library or even buy them. You can ask an ex-student of hotel management to lend their notes, which is the best reference source.

Make Reading a habit!Reading-Habit

Reading is the best exercise for your mind! And that goes true for your nchmct JEE preparation too. The best way to prepare for the hotel management entrance examination is to read a lot and a lot. Never stop gathering information and knowledge from anywhere that you can. Make it a habit to read newspapers, magazines, and novels every day. Keeping yourself updated with news around you is the best way to refine your general knowledge

Revision is the key!

If you think studying consistently is important, so is revision. How will you remember within if you do not allow your mind to revise it? So remember to revise every topic every day. Focus on the hard ones more and then the easy ones. Ensure that you do it on a regular basis. You might find new points every time you revise, so highlight that points and make notes accordingly.

Dig out the question papers from the last five years

Ask anyone out there, and they all suggest you solve last year’s question papers for any kind of examination. And it goes the same while you prepare for the hotel management entrance examination. You can quickly get the old question papers from the internet, which adds more accuracy and speed to your answering abilities.

Get back to basics of Maths, GK, and English

The major sections you need to work on are numerical, mathematics, brushing up English language skills, and general knowledge. These are an important part of an nchmct jee exam, and you can get the same topic-related questions and practical in the nchmct jee preparation books as well.


The most crucial section is the aptitude for service selection in hotel management. You will have to face quite a lot of questions around the hospitality and management sector. Reading and exploring more about traveling, tourism can help you grab a grasp on the topic.

Health is the biggest wealth!

Finally, it is really important to take utmost care of your health while preparing for the Hotel Management Entrance Examination. Make certain to go to bed early and wake up early. Keep your body active with some physical activities like walking, cycling, and skipping weather suits you the best. Do not skip meals and drink water as much as you can. Protect your mental health and stay motivated!

These eight easy tips will help you while you prepare for the nchmct jee preparation for Hotel Management Entrance Examination. Remember that you do not need to panic; stay at your calmest, and you will surely rock it!

Good luck.

So if you are a student who has completed their 12th and desires to make a career in hospitality, tourism, and aviation management, then KIAHM is the perfect place for you. Feel free to contact us anytime, and we are glad to help you.

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