How to Become Air Hostess After 12 th and 10th ?- Know Process of Graduation Course

Completed your 10th and 12th and wondering about joining the course of Air hostess in India?

How to Become Air Hostess After 12th and 10th?

Though this career option of the air hostess field is dominated by the female gender, there are boys too who opt for this course. KIAHM, Vadodara provides you with various courses:

Out of these, there is an evident rise seen in students in India opting for the course of air hostess after their 12’th and 10’th. The course of Air Hostess can also be sought after the completion of graduation. 

What are the good reasons that you should definitely choose this path?

  • Once you reach a certain level you get a good amount of salary, so it is a great source of income. 
  • You to travel and explore plenty of places as and while you are the attendant on the flight.
  • You might sometimes be lucky to bump into some famous personalities or celebrities. 
  • Some well-known airlines even provide crew discounts for their crew members. Not just that they also provide their cabin crew with goodies and some perks. 
  • You get to stay in 5-star hotels and explore new cuisines. 

Aren’t these the best reasons to become an air hostess??

Read here to know the eligibility to become an air hostess. 

  1. Fluency in English language speaking.
  2. The age criteria lie between the age of 19 to 27 years.
  3. You need to have passed 10th or 12th or minimum graduation in any field.
  4. The minimum height bar to apply for the course of an air hostess is 5 feet 2 inches.
  5. The weight should be proportionate to the height of the student.
  6. He or she must be eligible for an Indian Passport.
  7. The eyesight vision has to be 6/6 vision.
  8. You need to pass the medical tests and be completely fit and fine.
  9. You need to carry a good personality.
  10. You should be presentable and confident enough in front of new faces and new people.

Now if you have made up your mind here is a step-by-step process of getting into the graduation course to become an air hostess after 12 and 10.

  • Complete your basic education such as a minimum of 10th standard or 12th standard. It would be much better if you have ad your graduation competed too before opting for the course of an air hostess in India.air hostess
  • Preparation for entrance exams is the next step. There are many institutes that might not want a graduation degree but would ask you to sit for thor necessary entrance examinations. The candidate will be approached if they get the required marks.
  • You can join for graduation and then a post-graduation if you do not want to get into the course of air hostess directly after your 12 and 10.
  • Research and look for the best institutes/academies that provide the courses that you are looking for. Analyze your budget and education fund. 
  • Start sending applications to the colleges/institutes/academies that you have out-listed from others. 
  • Go for the entrance examinations if any. Give interviews, mock tests, etc.
  • After the selection, you are all set to fly high to reach all your dreams! 

So if you are a student in India who has completed their 10th, 12th, graduation, post-graduation in any field and desires to make a career in air hostess, hospitality, aviation, travel, and tourism management, then KIAHM is the perfect place for you. Feel free to contact us, and we are glad to help you. 

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