Hotel Management: International Job Opportunist’s For Indian Professional

Hospitality industry around the world has consistently been growing at a considerable rate compared to the other industries. Along with that the career opportunities in the Hotel industry has also boomed.

Hotel management is a knowledge based and skill-oriented field. A career in this industry is exciting and lucrative. So, the Students aspiring to build a promising career in Hotel Management can get numerous benefits from these courses. With proper guidance and training from an accomplished institute like ours, students will get an opportunity to follow their dreams and also to work in India and abroad.

Hotel management courses offer knowledge on various aspects Hotel and Resort management such as Front Office operations, Food & Beverage management, Housekeeping management, Food Production, Food Science and Nutrition, Safety, First aid, Hotel economics and Computer skills. Students can also get alternative career options in Hotel Sales and Marketing and Human Resource (HR)

Kalkin institute of aviation and hotel management (KIAHM) is one of the top Institutions offering AICTE and UGC approved Diploma and Degree courses for students after completion of 10th & 12th from any educational background.


Kalkin offers Hotel Management courses which are government recognized and fetch National and International opportunities for professionals:

  • Diploma in Hotel Management after 10th
  • Diploma in Aviation and Hotel Management
  • Bachelors in Hotel Management
  • Bachelors of commerce in Hotel Management and Tourism Management
  • Masters in Hotel Management
  • MBA in Hotel Management
  • Postgraduate in Diploma in Hotel and Resort Management

After commencement of any of the above course one can avail multiple internships and job opportunities in:

  • Hotel chains
  • Resorts
  • Restaurants
  • Aviation Industry
  • Educational Institutes
  • Tourism Industry
  • Fast Food Outlets

 Important Skills Required For Hotel Management Jobs:

  • Good Verbal communication skills
  • Strong temperament
  • Problem solving skills
  • Leadership qualities
  • Good written skills
  • IT and Computer skills

Best Hotel Management International Job Opportunities:

If Indian professionals are looking for high paying jobs and international opportunities, below are the options to explore.

  1. Food and Beverage Director

The hotel management salary for the food and beverage director can reach up to $102,000 or more, depending on the experience level. They work at casinos, hotels, restaurants, event planning companies, cruise ships and institutes like hospitals or schools.

Job profiles might include tasks like creating menus, managing food costs, working in the HR department for training and hiring staff, working at casinos and sports venues and managing inventory. Students can take up hotel managements courses after 12th to get a decent position in this role.

  1. Hotel Operations Manager

The tentative hotel managements salary of the employees for the role of hotel operations manager might reach $52,000- $1,14,000, depending on your experience.

Their role might include:

  • Being in charge of the hotel.
  • Managing hotel housekeeping.
  • Working as HR for training and hiring staff.
  • Taking care of PR, sales and marketing in multiple departments.

Students having a diploma in hotel managements after the 10th can apply for this job role and seek a bright future.

  1. Executive Chef

The tentative hotel managements salary for the executive chef might vary from $44,000 to $85,000, depending on your experience. Aspirants can be hired for this profile at hotel kitchens, casinos, cruise ships and restaurants.

They are responsible for completing food preparation, ordering supplies, monitoring kitchen staff, inventory management and creating daily menus. A basic diploma in hotel managements can work for this role. A good personality and positive attitude in preparing the latest dishes with feelings play an important role here.

  1. Sommelier (Wine Experts)

The sommelier is another international job opportunity for Indian professionals who can apply and get lucrative earnings. Students on this profile are in demand at restaurants, upscale hotels, wine-tasting events and serving and interacting with elite guests.

Their part of the job includes advising the patrons about the best wines to pair with their meals and also leading the tasting of beverages and wines. After undergoing intensive training, one can seek the title of a Sommelier, and they have to undergo multiple certification levels to achieve this. Seeking wine expertise is mandatory for working on this job profile.

  1. Flight Attendant

After completing your hotel managements course, the next job opportunity to explore is of a flight attendant. Their salary might vary from $26,000 to $62,000 depending upon the requirement and experience. Flight attendants have a crucial role to perform in aeroplanes, private planes and passenger planes.

The primary job role of this profile is to enforce safety protocols, to serve snacks and drinks, revert to passenger queries and to ensure a safe and comfortable journey for all the passengers. Students must get a master’s in hotel managements for this job.

Do You Get Good Salaries In Hotel Management Jobs?

Yes !! after completion of the above Diploma and Degree courses students can expect a handsome pay scale and excellent career options in India and Abroad.

Taking up Hotel Management courses after 10th OR 12th is a perfect choice that offers numerous opportunities to work in different sectors of Hotel industry. Students can harbor these opportunities with the right practical skills, experience and knowledge. It is easily possible to fetch higher salary if you fit in for the job role after completion of various certifications required to enter this Industry. With a strong desire to work in a service-based industry student can also unlock attractive incentives. This industry provides an array of stable jobs and bright career with sustainability

Wrapping Up

With surging demand for jobs in Hotels, Resorts, Restaurants in India and abroad, the career prospects after the completion of hotel management courses is pretty high.

A leading Institute like The Kalkinprovides great exposure a bright career opportunity and  also help students achieve their highest potential

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