Complete Guide on Aviation Management- Courses, Career Options, and Prospects in Detail!

Aviation management is a vast field with multiple prospects for interested students! Before getting into details of what is aviation management, its courses, and other details, it’s important to know its background.

Aviation management is about studying distinct airlines, airports, and various services or businesses catering to the aerospace industry. Students commencing the aviation management course mostly work in high-level positions such as at airport security or air traffic control towers. It also includes multiple other topics related to aviation.

What is Aviation Management Course?

Aviation management courses enable students to perceive important information about airports and airline departments. The scope and area of such courses are vast and booming daily. India stands in the 3rd position in Civil aviation globally. It also deals with fleet management, ground handling, international tourism board, ticketing, in-flight services, and hospitality.

Building a career in this field is possible by doing a diploma in aviation management and then doing a Bachelor’s and master’s in aviation management. It can offer countless opportunities and could be the highest-paid job as well.

What Is the Difference Between Aviation Management and Airport Management?

Aviation management is related to the business and services that deal with transporting civilians, people, and goods from one place to another for commercial reasons. On the other hand, airport management is mainly related to aerial warfare and overall surveillance. Both branches have a very wide scope and career prospects.

Students interested in aviation and hospitality management can do their BBA in aviation management and then even get a master’s degree in the same.

Can a Commerce Student Do Aviation Management?

Yes, a commerce student is eligible to take up the BBA in the airline program, depending on the marks they score in the 12th class. Aviation management is a skill-oriented course that anyone with relevant attributes and desires can take up.

Mainly, the aviation course teaches you everything about flying and handling aircraft. Students aspiring to become a part of the Cabin crew, pilot, or helicopter pilot can take up this course study. Anyone willing to create a career in this industry also has to take 3 types of licenses.

Here are the eligibility criteria for the aviation management courses:
  • For taking the aviation course, one must secure a minimum aggregate of 50% marks in their 10th or 12th class.
    Students scoring at least 50% marks in their class 12th can appear for professional aviation courses like BBA in aviation management.
  • Students must clear multiple entrance exams, group discussions, personal interviews, assessments, and other tests to prove their proficiency.
  • It is also important that student should be medically and physically fit for the job role and has good eyesight. Anyone who fears heights cannot pursue a BBA in Aviation management.

If you are looking for the best place to take up aviation management courses in Vadodara, Kalkin Institute is the best place to complete your studies and take different types of aviation management jobs.

How to Become Aviation Manager?
  • Here are the ways to create a lucrative career as an Aviation Manager in India.
  • Get the BBA Aviation Management degree from a reputed institute
  • Get certifications
  • Complete master in aviation management
  • Get industry experience
  • Create an attractive resume and apply for managerial positions
  • Upgrade more certifications if needed

My growth prospects as an aviation manager are great. You can draw a decent salary out of this job role.

Is Aviation Management a Good Career Option? – Job Role and Skills Required

The aviation and aerospace industry offers a great career path for the aspirants. Honesty and punctuality are the key ethics to being a successful aviation manager and growing in this arena. Aviation management courses can unlock many opportunities for the right candidates, such as a pilot for a high-paying job in the airline.
There are many profiles for which a skilled student with bba aviation management degree can apply. Here are some of them.

  • Credit Control Manager
  • Airport Manager
  • Program Manager
  • Airport Operations Manager
  • Assistant Airport Manager
  • Airlines Grooming Trainer
  • Aviation Trainer
  • Territory Manager

A skilled and hardworking aspirant in the aviation industry can even draw big salaries ranging from 3 LAC- 12 LAC depending on the qualification, certifications, and numerous other aspects.

Skills Required for Aviation Management

  • Interpersonal Skills and Field Knowledge
    Having complete knowledge regarding federal and state requirements of airline and airport operations is important. It includes maintenance, analyzing, and monitoring skills are crucial. Emotional intelligence proves helpful in this job role.
  • Communication Skills
    Students must tackle both flight and emergency conditions and have professional aviation excellence. Establishing a clear and concise communication channel proves helpful in the aviation industry.
  • Work Ethics
    Aviation is a fast-growing industry, and pursuing a good work ethic can help establish a career in the aviation industry.
  • Positive Attitude
    Aviation managers must pursue a positive attitude that helps tackle people and work challenges equally. It helps in creating a better impact on people.

Start a Career in Aviation Management with Us!
Students aspiring to take up aviation management jobs must search for a reputed institute in Vadodara and give wings to their dreams. By seeking a diploma in aviation management, you can explore numerous opportunities in aviation and aircraft maintenance management.

It can help create a robust career and acquire the right skills, knowledge, and qualities. The aviation industry is growing at a tremendous pace. Proficient students with high skills can complete courses in aviation and avail incredible career choices for themselves!

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