Is Hotel Management A Good Career Option In India?- Find Better Career

Setting up a career is confusing and overwhelming at times. At times, you have many options in your mind, but sometimes you are completely blind on what to choose as a good career option in India.

Is Hotel Management a Good Career Option in India?

If you ask everyone around you, especially in India, we are sure they will suggest you get a medical or an engineering degree! But old are those days when there were just two or three reputableHotel Management career options considered the best income source.

If you landed on this article, then I assume Hotel Management is seething that appeals to you and your personality. Are you looking forward to making it big in this industry? Well, you are at the proper place. 

Firstly let me brief you about hotel management and what does an ideal hotel manager do? 

Any student who has finished their studies in hotel management course from KIAHM, Vadodara is taught to improvise their basic skills such as:  

  • Confidence
  • Being easily approachable
  • Being adventurous
  • Teamwork
  • Open to new cultures, new food 

Managing a hotel is not easy. Even a mother who efficiently manages a house of four family members comes with a range of responsibilities. You are expected to face new challenges, help out in various departments and ensure to maintain the hotel’s standards. 

Below mentioned things would be your roles and responsibilities as a hotel manager:

  • Overseeing 
  • Finance 
  • Planning
  • Service 
  • Organization

Hotel managementWhile you are the manager, it is apparent that you will have a team working under you. Either they might be a bunch of managers or a bunch of juniors that you will have to lead. Your primary job is to ensure that the team follows your instructions correctly and manages the work efficiently on time.

You have to deal with many people; the amount of responsibility depends on the size and type of hotel you are assigned.

A career in hotel management is fun and all; it is filled with challenges, newer projects each day, new and interesting faces every day. And if you are an extrovert, then a Hotel Management career is like a cherry on the cake for you.  

If you have completed your 10th, 12th, or graduation in any field of study and are keen on making a career in Hotel Management with KIAHM, please contact us, and we are glad to help you. The courses that we offer are:





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