How To Become Airport Manager In India: Is Airport Management A Good Career?

Management is no easy job. Be it managing a kindergarten class or managing the whole airport. It is a daunting task, but if it really interests you, it can be fun. We assume your presence here indicates your interest in pursuing Airport Management ahead in your career. Without wasting your time, let’s get straight into the article. Here in this blog post, you will learn about How To Become Airport Manager In India, its primary roles and responsibilities, how to pursue this career, its future in India, and admissions at KIAHM.

Who is an Airport Manager?

An Airport Manager is a professional person that manages and looks after the whole airport, Yeah literally! This person has to look over the daily operations being held inside the airport. From managing security to negotiating airport contacts and leases, a lot is going on in a day of an airport manager. They have to enforce the tasks and duties that come under the FAA – Federal Aviation Administration. As we know that there are multiple tasks that a manager has to look after, let us know the roles and responsibilities in detail. 

Roles and Responsibilities

  1. To ensure that all the departments inside the airport are functioning well with 100% synergy.  Roles and Responsibilities
  2. To assign daily activities, tasks, and projects to the staff.
  3. To coordinate with the airline staff and sometimes regulate the shuttle services if needed. 
  4. Managers are asked to achieve specific resource and financial objectives.
  5. They also have to achieve revenue growth and profit, maximizing yield, productivity, and reducing costs.
  6. A manager has to connect and communicate with people all over the world that visit the airport, so language and interaction skills are an asset. 

Do you think you would love to manage all this stuff efficiently? 

How To Become Airport Manager In India

In order to become an airport manager, you need to undergo a qualifying examination conducted by The Airport Authority Of India. To appear for the exam, the candidate has to be at least graduated in business administration, for instance, BBA. If you wish for a better, higher position and more growth, then a master’s degree would help you. A master’s in engineering, business administration, or aviation management is good enough for a start. 


  1. 10th and 12th pass.
  2. A minimum of 60% in your graduation degree from a recognized university or a college. Preferred subjects: Engineering, Business Administration or Aviation Management 
  3. A master’s degree with 60% and more from a recognized university or a college. Preferred Subjects: Mathematics, Computer Science or Physics. 
  4. Social skills such as proficiency in languages, communication skills, and managing skills.
  5. Should be able to work under extreme pressure and juggle between multiple tasks at a time.
  6. An added benefit for candidates who have had a good experience of working for at least two years. 

To know further details such as the salary of an airport manager in India, future prospects, and any such confusion, then visit KIAHM. You can ping or mail us through our website at the earliest.

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