How To Become A Pilot In India After 12th Commerce

Do you also aspire to always fly high? Just like the thousands of students, if you are also wondering How To Become A Pilot In India After 12th Commerce, then you are at the right place. Though we all are aware that becoming a pilot requires the student to opt for the science stream, what if you were from a commerce stream? Well, no, this is not the end of your dreams. You still got a chance. Read on to know how to proceed further if you want to become a pilot in India if you were a commerce student. 

  • Firstly you can undergo a pilot training course once you have passed out of 12th.
  • Another option you can go for is appearing for an NDA exam to get directly to the training of an air force pilot.
  • Some training centers allow students from commerce backgrounds. 
  • Minimum age limit: 17 years.
  • One needs to provide a complete medical checkup certificate.
  • The candidate needs to be fit physically as well as mentally.

Can Commerce Students Become Pilots In India?

Absolutely yes! As said here, a stream is not as important as your skills and passion. So look here for more details about the skills that you require to become a pilot in India. 

  • Inherited quality of being an influential leader.Pilots
  • Excellent communication skills.
  • A solid grip of technical skills.
  • Quick decision-making skills along with critical thinking.
  • Ease in adapting to new situations.
  • Needs to be determined and focused.
  • Should be disciplined and have a great personality.
  • One has to be flexible enough.
  • You have to be mentally fit.
  • Maintaining physical fitness is a must.
  • Teamwork spirit and coordination with teammates. 
  • Good sense of teamwork. 

Let us look at some general FAQs asked by aspiring students.

1) Can I become a pilot with Commerce without maths?

Yes, do not stop yourself from pursuing your dream of becoming a pilot, as the only requirement is a 10+2 pass. 

2) Can I become a pilot with Commerce?

Yes, there is no compulsion to choose a particular background to become a pilot. You can enroll yourself in the Commercial Pilot Training [CPL] program after 10+2. Then give the examination, clear it, appear for the interview, and a medical test. 

3) Can Commerce students become pilots in India?

Definitely, anyone who has passed 10th with 2 years of any stream commerce, science, or arts can become a pilot in India. 

What After You Get Into NDA?

Stage one: 

  • Pursue a bachelors degree of 3 years
  • You can go for pilot courses
  • You can get in through the NDA examination

Stage two:

  • Get your hands on flying. Acquire experience of flying for at least 250 hours to get a commercial pilot license. And you need a flight time of 1500 hours to become an airline pilot. 

Stage three:

  • After flying for the required hours, appear for a written test and clear a physical examination. Then you will earn your pilot’s license.

Stage four:

  • Appear for additional tests and training; There might be more tests and examinations in the future depending upon experience and ranking. 

Stage five:

  • It goes the same for all career paths, and you need to enhance your experience in flying and increase your ranking and expertise. This will help you improve your ranking. 

How To Become A Pilot In India After 12th Commerce?

As mentioned above in this article, you can follow the steps accordingly to become a pilot after the 12th

And if at all you need more assistance and want to know more details about the process, you can simply visit our website and get in touch with KIAHM at the earliest; we are more than glad to attend to your queries. 

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